• Emily  Steel

    Emily Steel

    Business reporter

Emily Steel is a business reporter at The New York Times, where she has covered the media industry since 2014. Her reporting exposed a series of settlements related to sexual harassment allegations against Bill O’Reilly, the former Fox News host.

Before joining The Times, Ms. Steel spent two years at The Financial Times as its media and marketing correspondent. Before that, Ms. Steel worked at The Wall Street Journal for six years. During her time at The Journal, Ms. Steel contributed several stories to the What They Know and End of Privacy series about the pervasive practices of tracking Americans online. The work was a finalist for a Pulitzer Prize in explanatory reporting in 2012 and won a Gerald Loeb Award and a Sigma Delta Chi public service award in 2011.

Ms. Steel was born in Salt Lake City, moved to Lincoln, Neb., and moved once more before her college years to East Lyme, Conn. She graduated from the University of North Carolina, where she was a top editor at The Daily Tar Heel. Ms. Steel now lives in New York City, where she enjoys reading, dance, music and running.

Course curriculum

  • 1
    Chapter 1: The Road to Journalism
    • Lesson 1: Becoming a Journalist: Why?
    • Lesson 2: Becoming a Journalist: How?
    • Lesson 3: The Importance of the Media
    • Lesson 4: Recent Changes in Digital Media
    • Lesson 5: Exercise - Download & Print PDF
  • 2
    Chapter 2: The Reporting Process
    • Lesson 1: How to Get Ahead of a Story: Bill O'Reilly
    • Lesson 2: Uncovering the Facts
    • Lesson 3: The Impact of a Story
    • Lesson 4: How to Handle Sensitive Topics
    • Lesson 5: Exercise - Download & Print PDF
  • 3
    Chapter 3: The Art of Reporting
    • Lesson 1: Setting the Record Straight
    • Lesson 2: Systems Within Culture & Society
    • Lesson 3: The Life of a Journalist
    • Lesson 4: Exercise - Download & Print PDF
  • 4
    Chapter 4: The Media’s Impact on Modern Times
    • Lesson 1: The Effect of Social Media
    • Lesson 2: Reader and Audience Involvement
    • Lesson 3: Scrutiny on the Media
    • Lesson 4: Exercise - Download & Print PDF
  • 5
    Chapter 5: Motivation & Sources of Inspiration
    • Lesson 1: Be Passionate and Do the Work
    • Lesson 2: Advice on Launching a Career in Journalism
    • Lesson 3: The Importance of Mentors
    • Lesson 4: Support - Help from Mom
    • Lesson 5: Exercise - Download & Print PDF