genConnect U: Live to Learn!

Lessons to enhance your life.

With one common goal, to Live to Learn!

Carolyn Everson

Lessons in Enlightened Leadership

What is enlightened leadership? How can you infuse enlightenment into your daily work practice to increase profitability and positive outcomes?

Ashley Koff RD

Better Health Powered By Better Nutrition…. For A Better You!

In this course help your clothes fit better, your tummy feel better, your skin look better, and your energy be better, because you deserve better!

Lisa Wang

How to Thrive in the Face of Fear

Depict and understand the fears that are driving and holding you back and how to convert those fears to success.

Joanna Bloor

Everyone has value. Can you articulate yours?

Discover what makes you awesome, and how to articulate that in a compelling, unique and authentic way.

Irini Rockwell

The Energetic Dynamics of Our Personality

Do you really understand your personality? By understanding the energetic dynamics of our personality you will become more self-confident in yourself and how you lead your life and business.

Dr. Anna Akbari

Startup Your Life

Living your life like a startup is about maximizing flexibility and measuring on-going results, not avoiding failure or reaching one particular end goal.

Dr. Stacie NC Grant

Your 7 Steps to Entrepreneurial and Spiritual Fulfillment

Empowerment Strategist Dr. Stacie N.C. Grant on making the most out of your spiritual, mental, physical, and financial life!

Steven Rosenbaum

Mastering the Art of Curation

Get an in-depth understanding of what curation is, what it means to be a curator and how curation affects the world around us.

Mike Hoefflinger

What You Can Learn From Facebook's Rise to Grow Your Own Business

Overcoming the top 10 challenges to building your career and business from the author of Becoming Facebook.

Holly Rilinger

The 15 Minute Workout (And Life Changer)

Quick, easy and instant workouts and dieting tips with Celebrity Workout Master Holly Rilinger.

Ashley Koff RD

The Better Not Perfect Diet. Get The Results You Crave While Enjoying Your Life

A Diet Plan That Can Get The Results You Crave While Still Enjoying Your Life!

Liz Kaplow

Secrets to Growing a Multi-Million Dollar Marketing and PR Agency

Catapult your small PR firm into a huge business and be at the top.

Leonora Conley

Do Your Makeup Like a Makeup Artist

Learn how to create a look that defines you by magnifying and perfecting your Lips, Lids and Lashes!

Diane Clehane

The Art of Storytelling

Specializing, in high-touch, high impact communications, Diane will teach you how to break the ice and interview even the most acclaimed celebrity.

Michaela Guzy

Storytelling that Resonates With the Millennial Mindset: Telling Stories With Videos and Influencers

Michaela shares tips, trends and forecasts on how to position yourself and your brand in the millennial mindset.

genconnect U

Celebrity Women Who Do – Inspiring You

Inspiration and Valuable Lessons from Successful and Inspirational Women.

Jory Des Jardins

Selling for Non-Sellers

Break through your own doubts and learn the fundamentals of getting the deal.

Elisa Camahort Page

Mastering The Social Media Mindset

Critical insights about how to connect, share and behave on the most popular social media platforms.

Elisa Camahort Page

Managing Engagement with Media

Here are some great tips on how to handle everything from an in studio live appearance to a prearranged interview with a reporter in person or on the phone!