The 10 Steps to Start-Up Success Golden Nuggets of Advice for StartUps

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Course Description

So you want to start your own business? Maybe you have a killer idea that you’re crazy sure is going to make millions. The good news is that you’ve taken the first step. You’re watching this. You are at the start of an incredible mega marathon. The starting line is crowded with wannabe entrepreneurs but only the fittest make it over the finishing line. Many fall at the first hurdle and others don’t have the stamina and tenacity to stay the pace. 

Broadcaster, entrepreneur and human rights campaigner Norah Casey was formerly a Dragon in the popular television series Dragons’ Den and is a well-known radio and television personality.  You can take heart because after over twenty years building businesses she has learned the hard way how to get over that line so now you don’t have to. 

In this course she will discuss the 10 things you absolutely need to know and do to make that idea a reality and start your own business.

In this course you will learn:

  • Why strategy matters 
  • The traits of trailblazers
  • The importance of surrounding yourself with role models
  • How to focus your thinking on new markets, new solutions and innovations
  • How to focus on customer behaviour
  • The importance of adapting to survive in business
  • The importance of Proof of Concept
  • How to fund your business
  • How to develop and deliver your pitch

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Chapter 1: So you want to be your own boss?

    • Lesson 1: The Killer Idea - Why Strategy Matters

    • Lesson 2: It’s the Person Not the Idea

    • Lesson 3: The Traits of Trailblazers

    • Lesson 4: Learn to Fail

    • Lesson 5: Anyone Can Own Their Own Business - A Success Story

  • 2

    Chapter 2: Step 1 - Innovation is a State of Mind

    • Lesson 1: Getting Brain Fit

    • Lesson 3: Surround Yourself with Role Models

    • Lesson 3: My Number One Tip to Training Your Brain to Work Differently

    • Lesson 4: If the Train is Leaving the Station….!

    • Lesson 5: Find Your Own Blue Ocean Thinking!

  • 3

    Chapter 3: Step 2 Scanning the Horizon & Only Customers Make Ideas Great

    • Lesson 1: Know Your Competitors-

    • Lesson 2: Only Customers Make Ideas Great

    • Lesson 3: Be Interested not Interesting

  • 4

    Chapter 4: Step 4 Find the Gap

    • Lesson 1: Find the Gap!

    • Lesson 2: Don’t Assume the Gap is Already Filled

    • Lesson 3: Focus on Consumer Behaviour

  • 5

    Chapter 5: Step 5 Adapt to Survive

    • Lesson 1: Agile Thinking

    • Lesson 2: LISTEN to Feedback – EVEN when you don’t want to hear it!

    • Lesson 3: Global Transformers-

  • 6

    Chapter 6: Step 6 The BIG Test

    • Lesson 1: Proof of Concept!

    • Lesson 3: Test, Test and Test again

    • Lesson 3: Case History!

    • Lesson 4: Proof of Concept

  • 7

    Chapter 7: Step 7 If you Fail – Fail Fast!

    • Lesson 1: Own It and Move On!

    • Lesson 2: Resilience

    • Lesson 3: Ego is good – but not too much!

  • 8

    Chapter 8: Step 8 All the Ps – Product, Price, Promotion & Plan and Step 9 Strategise at Speed

    • Lesson 1: Do Your Homework

    • Lesson 2: Strategise at Speed

    • Lesson 3: Set the Sat Nav in Your Life

  • 9

    Chapter 9: Step 10 Fund It, Fold It or Flog It

    • Lesson 1: Funding with Emotional Attachment

    • Lesson 2: Unemotional Funding

    • Lesson 3: The Architecture of The Pitch

    • Lesson 4: Delivery Tips

    • Lesson 5: Delivery Tips Exercise

    • Lesson 6: Flog It or Fold It

    • Lesson 7: Ignite the great business idea in you!