• Adrienne  Bankert

    Adrienne Bankert

    ABC News, National Correspondent, Mentor, Speaker

Adrienne Bankert is effortless, straightforward, and refreshing; she is able to connect with people instantly by imparting lessons on living authentically and helping them discover their true identities, passion, and peace. To put it simply, she makes people leave feeling strikingly different and better – while bringing compassion and equity to her storytelling.

As an Emmy Award-winning National Correspondent with ABC News, Adrienne has garnered two Emmys for her role as part of Good Morning America’s Weekend Anchor team. From interviewing big-name stars such as Dwayne Johnson, David Beckham, and Lady Gaga as well as covering Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan’s historic royal wedding in London to reporting on the rescue mission to save the soccer team and their coach trapped in the Tham Luang Non cave in Thailand, and delivering breaking news on the tragic Parkland High School shooting, she is known for her versatility and ability to spark conversations. These stories, along with a multitude of reports, has reached millions across all of ABC News’ platforms, including World News Tonight, Nightline, and 20/20. Because of this, she has truly become multifaceted in her craft, firing on all cylinders, and going deeper while touching various parts of many lives – professionally and personally.

Course curriculum

  • 1
    Chapter 1: Architecting Your Life
    • Meet Adrienne Bankert!
    • Course Introduction: Living the 360 Degree Plan for Fulfillment
    • Lesson 1: Know Who You Want to Be!
    • Lesson 2: What Is Your Essence? Introduction to Worksheet
    • Lesson 3: Visualize Who You Want to Be Worksheet - (Downloadable PDF)
  • 2
    Chapter 2: Redefining Perfectionism
    • Lesson 1: Defining Your Perfect?!
    • Lesson 2: You are Inherently Valuable
    • Lesson 3: Kindness Cures Any Character Flaw
  • 3
    Chapter 3: Performance Based Identity Never Leads To Fulfillment
    • Lesson 1: The Value of You
    • Lesson 2: How Would You Act If Everything Was Working out for You?!
    • Lesson 3: You Are Your Gift
    • Lesson 4: It’s Working Out - (Downloadable PDF)
  • 4
    Chapter 4: Unplugging to Reveal Your Dreams & Visions
    • Lesson 1: How To Have Quiet Time
    • Lesson 2: Evaluate Yourself! An Introduction to the Quiet Time Worksheet
    • Lesson 3: Quiet Time Journal Worksheet - (Downloadable PDF)
  • 5
    Chapter 5: Having a Framework Versus a Vision
    • Lesson 1: Goal Setting with Target and Intention
    • Lesson 2: Introduction to Worksheet
    • Lesson 3: Creating Your Perfect Framework Worksheet - (Downloadable PDF)
  • 6
    Chapter 6: The Number One Shift for Having Your Cake and Eating It Too
    • Lesson 1: This Is What You Need to Do! Having Your Cake and Eating it Too
    • Lesson 2: Tips for Your Vision Boards Exercise
    • Lesson 3: Vision Board Exercise - (Downloadable PDF)
    • Lesson 4: For Those Who Have Great Friendships NOW! Maintain Great Relationships
    • Lesson 5: Create a List of Friendships - (Downloadable PDF)
  • 7
    Chapter 7: Once Upon a Time... Part 1: Authoring Your Perfect World
    • Lesson 1: Intro to Authoring & Realizing Your Fairy Tale
    • Lesson 2: Introduction to the Happily Ever After Worksheet
    • Lesson 3: Happily Ever After Worksheet - (Downloadable PDF)
    • Lesson 4: Your Fairytale - (Follow along with the Happily Ever After Worksheet)
    • Lesson 5: Staying Open To It All - (Follow along with the Happily Ever After Worksheet)
  • 8
    Chapter 8: Once Upon A Time... Part 2: The Blueprint - How to Architect Friendships
    • Lesson 1: Friendships That Support Your Perfect World
    • Lesson 2: Follow Along with Adrienne & The Blueprint PDF
    • Lesson 3: Download - The Blueprint for Architecting Friendships (PDF)
    • Lesson 4: Filling in the Blanks... Continued! (Follow along with The Blueprint PDF)
  • 9
    Chapter 9: Questions to Get You to Fulfillment & Your Perfect World!
    • Lesson 1: Ask Yourself… Questions that Change Your Life’s Blueprint
    • Lesson 2: Kickstart Your Best Life With These Ideas
    • Lesson 3: Questions to Get You to Fulfillment - (Downloadable PDF)