Mastering the Art of Curation
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Course description

In this course, Steve Rosenbaum gives us an in-depth understanding of what curation is, what it means to be a curator and how curation affects the world around us. Steve shares his best tips on how to become a successful curator or content entrepreneur while giving us a detailed history of user generated content and curation. He shares his thoughts on what platforms are the most impactful, moral and legal implications of curation, fake news and why curation is such an important part of the online culture.

What will I get from this course?

  • A deep understanding of curation, its history and how it became the business that it is today.
  • Expert advice from the “Father of Curation” on how to utilize curation and become a successful curator or content entrepreneur.
  • The moral and legal implications of curation, and why these are so important to the industry.
  • What social media and video sharing platforms will be most impactful when it comes to curated material.

Who should take this course?

  • Anyone who wants to become a curator.
  • Anyone who is already a curator and wants to learn more about the industry.
  • Individuals who are running a website or editorial organization and want to include curation in your practice.

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Steven Rosenbaum

Steven Rosenbaum

Technologist / Business Leader / Author

Steven Rosenbaum is a Technologist, Business Leader, and Author. He’s founded five companies in the content space, with a drive to connect consumers, storytellers, and brands. Rosenbaum is known as the father of UGC (user-generated content) as the creator of the groundbreaking series MTV News Unfiltered. Rosenbaum’s books include his first book Curation Nation - published by McGrawHill Business in March of 2011. His second book "Curate This!” was published in October, 2014. Rosenbaum was awarded two foundational inventions Patent No. 8,117,545 "Hosted video discovery and publishing platform" which was granted in 2012. And in 2014 Patent No. 208,812,956 " Video curation platform with pre-roll advertisements for discovered content” As a filmmaker and long-form storyteller Rosenbaum directed the documentary feature "7 Days in September" a look at 9/11 and the week after. Rosenbaum was New York City's first Entrepreneur at Large with NYCEDC, and was named Purdue University Science Journalism Laureate in 2011. A sought after speaker, Rosenbaum’s Talks include SXSW, TED, BBC, IEEE Globecom, DLD, IAB, Pivot, Digital Now, DevLearn, Tools Of Change and the Monaco Media Forum.

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