Managing Engagement with Media: Elisa Camahort Page

Managing Engagement with Media

taught by Elisa Camahort Page
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Elisa Camahort Page
Elisa Camahort Page
Co-Founder and COO, BlogHer

About the instructor

Elisa Camahort Page co-founded BlogHer, Inc. in 2005, and was its COO as it bootstrapped for two years, raised four rounds of funding, and ultimately achieved exit by acquisition in 2014. Elisa stayed on with the acquiring company, SheKnows Media, for an additional three years, eventually serving as Chief Community Officer and BlogHer Conference Program Chair.

BlogHer was a movement that created a market, becoming a national women’s media brand with 100 million web users, thousands of conference attendees, and >$30 million in annual revenue. In addition to owned and operated properties and conferences, the network grew to aggregate and curate 3000 publishers and 12,000 social influencers. BlogHer paid $36MM to those creators over the last five full years it was a standalone business.

Although Elisa worked across every business function as COO, she was particularly responsible for running every aspect of the conference line of business that was at the heart of the powerful brand BlogHer became, and in driving the company’s PR, market research and social media strategy and execution, achieving mainstream validation for a market the company itself was instrumental in creating, and often presaging industry changes. 

At the forefront of the social web revolution, BlogHer built value for women online. Through BlogHer’s community practices and Elisa's individual ones, she modeled how to build community, grow a business, support diversity in words and action, and defend transparency and civility as content, community, and commerce collide online.

While continuing to consult and advise start-ups and entrepreneurs, Elisa is now hard at work on her first book, soon to be announced, and to be published in Fall of 2018. 

Get the most out of your appearance! Elisa Camahort Page gives you her tops tips on how to effectively manage all types of engagement with the media. Learn how to handle everything from an in studio live appearance to a prearranged interview with a reporter in person or on the phone!

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