Lifted: 28 Days to Focus Your Mind by Holly Rilinger

Lifted: 28 Days to Focus Your Mind, Strengthen Your Body, and Elevate Your Spirit

The first fitness program to combine the benefits of mindfulness with the amazingly fast, effective results of high-intensity interval training (HIIT). Transform your life with fitness and meditation and get LIFTED in mind, body, and spirit! | taught by Holly Rilinger
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Holly  Rilinger
Holly Rilinger

About the instructor

Coach, trainer, and 15-year veteran of the fitness world, Holly Rilinger is known as one of the most inspiring motivational trainers in the game.

The star of Bravo’s elite fitness show, "Work Out New York", Holly walks her talk.

A Nike Master Trainer, Flywheel Sports Master Trainer, Certified Personal Trainer, Group X Instructor, and former professional basketball player, Rilinger instills the same drive and discipline she's had throughout her career into every one of her clients.

In this course, Holly shares her secret sauce, workouts and pearls of wisdom on how to get to your ultimate shape.

Participants will be guided through an intensive fitness program led by Celebrity Fitness Expert from Bravo TV’s Work Out New York, Holly Rilinger.

Holly uses her latest book, Lifted: 28 Days to Focus Your Mind, Strengthen Your Body, and Elevate Your Spirit, to deliver a series of videos and training tips designed to strengthen and lift your body, spirit, and mind. Each lesson is designed to help lift and strengthen you from the inside out. Holly’s approach to fitness will change your view and exercise practice for life.

What am I going to get from this course?
The program offers workouts for the lower body, upper body, and core that are manageable time wise and can be done anywhere.  Meditation and mind training lessons are also offered to enrich your spirit and reduce stress, both when training and in day-to-day life. And the best part of the course is that you can access any lesson at any time, thereby tailoring the workouts and lessons to fit your daily needs and moods.

What does the course include?
By signing up for LIFTED by Holly Rilinger, you will receive instant access to detailed video lessons that includes step-by-step instructions to guide you through your workouts. In addition, Holly’s course includes meditation instruction, goal setting, and visualizations that you can apply and use anywhere, anytime and makes getting in shape delicious and easy.

Who is this course meant for?
Anyone at any fitness level can participate, and Holly offers modifications and intensifiers, enabling you to tailor the program to your own purposes. Holly provides positive and motivating tools that you can use in the gym, on the road, and in everyday life. LIFTED is designed to make lasting changes to your physique, your view, and your life.


  • Engaging and motivational exercises
  • Workout Demo Videos, including Warm-Ups, Upper, Lower, and Core Body Work, and Cool Down Moves
  • Meditation and Visualization tips
  • Learn how to make a Dream Board
  • A Link to Lifted, to follow along

Course Contents

54 Videos
1 Multimedia

Course Curriculum

Chapter 9: Work Out Demos - Cool Down Moves
Chapter 10: Conclusion