Learn to Love Yoga with Jason Reiff

Learn to Love Yoga with Jason Reiff

Get specific about alignment and enjoy the benefit! | taught by Jason Reiff
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Jason Reiff
Jason Reiff
Yoga Teacher, Coach, Actor & Arts Educator

About the instructor

Jason currently teaches Vinyasa as well as Restorative styles of yoga for numerous yoga studios and private clients in New York City. With an extensive background as a performer Jason was guided to add a yoga practice to his continuing training regimen some 25 years ago and he was soon devoted. Yoga not only complemented and supported his life as a performer and a dancer, the practice also elevated his daily experience in ways he continues to enjoy and explore with enthusiasm.  Jason is grateful to bring his love for the practice of yoga asna to others interested in the exploration of breath, strength, longevity, expansion, unity. Whether a vigorous, oxygenating, stamina building class or more nurturing and restorative session Jason meets you on your mat, where you are and takes your curiosity on a journey through breath, alignment, and mindful movement all in the cultivation of space and a greater sense of comfort and potential.

What is this course all about? 

Jason’s signature approach to yoga makes him one of the most in-demand yoga instructors in New York City. Now his skillful and transformative instruction is available to you, wherever you live, on demand. This course breaks down fundamental poses to help you develop a simple daily yoga practice for a maximum lifelong benefit. Whether you are new to yoga, a longtime student looking to refine your alignment, or a yoga teacher in search of different ways to safely teach asana, this course is for you.  As an expert yoga teacher and professional dancer, Jason breaks down classical poses with clear step-by-step instruction, to give you all the tools you need to access the mind and body benefits of yoga. He will also provide you with practical modifications to help you and your students (if you teach) tailor your practice day by day.

What will I receive in this course? 

  • A gentle slow flow warm-up sequence you can use before every practice. 
  • 8 -  video led sessions to create your daily flow practice for full body benefits.  
  • 24 - in-depth how-to video lessons including instruction on pose alignment, detailed and fundamental pose instruction, usage of breath, mindful transitions, and a centering closing. 
  • How to safely and properly set-up each pose and transition through each asana.
  • Tips to enhance your practice or teaching of each pose. 
  • An in-depth look at Savasana, including awareness of subtle body alignment.
  • A deeply nourishing Savasana practice
  • A blanket-folding tutorial
  • Access to a private Facebook page, where you will meet Jason, ask questions, benefit from group discussions as you continue to grow your own practice. This is a place to connect with a supportive and nourishing community regardless of your physical location.

Course Contents

25 Videos