How to B A Video star

Get Video Ready to Accelerate at Work and in Life!

Course Description

by Jane Hanson

Emmy award winning television journalist and media/presentation coach Jane Hanson has spent over 30 years helping people speak well. In this course she shares the tips, tricks and secrets of making great videos. You will learn how to make compelling videos that will engage your audience and deliver your brand with authenticity. Jane discusses the formula for successful messaging, the do’s and don’ts of body language, and the four P’s of using your voice. You learn about style and dressing with intention. Jane also provides practical tips on using teleprompters and props. This course also provides you with the tools to create a winning media interview and challenges you to be a risk taker.

In this course you will learn:

  • Why you should create a video
  • How to target and scale your audience  
  • How to maximise your message
  • The magic of good storytelling
  • How to use body language
  • How to use your voice
  • How to create your signature brand
  • How to polish your delivery

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Introduction

  • 2

    Chapter 1 Why Should I Create a Video (even if I’m afraid)

    • Lesson 1: Why Video Matters

    • Lesson 2: Purpose and Mediums

    • Lesson 3: What is Driving You?

    • Lesson 4: Who Are You? What Is Your Brand?

    • Lesson 5: Self Assessment and Defining Your Video Purpose

  • 3

    Chapter 2 Put Your Audience First: They Matter Most

    • Lesson 1: Who Is Your Audience?

    • Lesson 2: Why Should Your Audience Care

    • Lesson 3: How to Target & Scale Your Audience

    • Lesson 4: Who Is Your Audience?

  • 4

    Chapter 3 Maximizing Your Message

    • Lesson 1: Top Takeaway

    • Lesson 2: Organizing Your Thoughts For The Most Impact

    • Lesson 3: Formula For Successful Messaging

    • Lesson 4: Introduction to PDF Exercise

    • Lesson 5: Maximising Your Messages Exercise

  • 5

    Chapter 4 The Magic of Good Storytelling: The Oldest Trick

    • Lesson 1: Why Does It Work?

    • Lesson 2: The Four P's

    • Lesson 3: Follow Walt Disney's Lead

    • Lesson 4: Be Bright, Be Brief, Be Gone

    • Lesson 5: Storytelling Exercise

  • 6

    Chapter 5 Body & Voice - Do’s and Don’ts

    • Lesson 1: Body Language & Credibility

    • Lesson 2: Voice

    • Lesson 3: Eyes

    • Lesson 4: Facial Expressions & Smile

    • Lesson 5: Gestures

    • Lesson 6: Strategic Body Movement

    • Lesson 7: Voice and Posture Exercises

  • 7

    Chapter 6 Creating Your Signature Brand on Camera – Own It

    • Lesson 1: Style

    • Lesson 2: Dress with Intention

    • Lesson 3: Set or Environment

    • Lesson 4: Vision Board Exercise

  • 8

    Chapter 7 Polish your Delivery/Best Logistics

    • Lesson 1: How Long Should It Be?

    • Lesson 2: Scripts & Memorizing

    • Lesson 3: Teleprompter Tricks

    • Lesson 4: Props Can Really Work

    • Lesson 5: PROPS

  • 9

    Chapter 8 Create a Winning Media Interview

    • Lesson 1: Simplify Your Message and Be Direct

    • Lesson 2: Time is Finite

    • Lesson 3: Answering Tough Questions with Ease

    • Lesson 4: Become the go-to Expert

    • Lesson 5: Good Guests

  • 10

    Chapter 9 Dare to Be a Risk Taker - Get Uncomfortable!

    • Lesson 1: How To Get Out Of Your Head

    • Lesson 2: Passion Sells

    • Lesson 3: Empathy

    • Lesson 4: Learn to Love Video

    • Lesson 5: Breathing Exercise

Course Expert

Jane Hanson

Emmy award winning television journalist and coach

Emmy award winning television journalist and coach Jane Hanson has spent over 30 years helping people learn to communicate better. Not only does it enhance their presence, and ensure they resonate with every type of audience, but In today’s fast paced world, it is imperative to be on one’s game 24/7. Hanson focuses on three core elements: what you say, how you say it, and how your body language keeps it all in sync. Among her diverse array of media and presentation training clients: top tier leaders of corporations spanning the fields of finance, insurance, startups, technology, education, fashion and media; publishers and editors in chief of numerous national magazines; key opinion leaders in the pharmaceutical industry; politicians and world leaders, internet entrepreneurs; chefs and restaurateurs. She has also hosted programs on cable channels and private satellite broadcasts, covering nearly every subject, from healthcare to food to finance to religion. And she is a frequent speaker, emcee, host, and panel moderator. Events she has participated in range from the New York Emmys to Toys for Tots to the Race for the Cure to the Randall’s island Sports Foundation. She has hosted events for virtually every industry, many health care issues, dozens of schools and colleges, and many groups focusing on women and children. Jane Hanson grew up on the prairies of rural Minnesota, coming to New York three decades ago to join the NBC networks. She began as an anchor and correspondent for NBC New York in 1979. In 1988, Jane was named co-anchor of “Today in New York,” a position she held until 2003 when she became the station’s primary anchor for local programming and the host of “Jane’s New York”; She covered events ranging from the tragedy of 9/11 to the joy of Yankees victory parades to Wall Street and Washington; has interviewed presidents, business magnates, prisoners, and celebrities; traveled as far as the Gobi Desert of Mongolia and the great depths miles below New York City for her special reports. Most recently she hosted a daily entertainment and lifestyle program, New York Live, for NBC4 in New York City. Jane has won 9 Emmy Awards. In addition, she was named Correspondent of the Year by New York’s Police Detectives and received a similar honor from New York’s Firefighters. She has also been the recipient of numerous other awards for her service to the community. Jane has served as the March of Dimes Walk-America Chairman, honorary chair for the Susan B. Komen Foundation’s Race for the Cure, and as a board member of Graham Windham, Phipps Houses, the Randall’s Island Sports Foundation, the Westhampton Beach Performing Arts Center, and Telecare. She has taught courses on communication at Long Island University, Stern College, and the 92nd Street Y. Hanson is a Past President of the New York Chapter of the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences.

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