• Carolyn Everson

    Carolyn Everson

    Vice President, Global Marketing Solutions, Facebook

What is enlightened leadership? How can you infuse enlightenment into your daily work practice to increase profitability and positive outcomes? Why are empathy, vulnerability, authenticity and intellectual curiosity important skills to infuse into your work and home life?  Vice President of Global Marketing Solutions at Facebook, Carolyn Everson, shares how she uses enlightened leadership to shape and motivate her winning global marketing team.

This course will help you become a more powerful, productive and overall happier leader by learning and implementing an enlightened leadership mindset. In turn, you will deliver better value to the people whom your business serves. This course also talks about women leadership, qualities in a leader, lessons you can learn from Facebook’s culture and important lessons Carolyn has learned throughout her career from working at some of the largest media and technology companies in the world.

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Discover and fine-tune the most important qualities you need to practice as a leader
  • Learn how to build incredible teams
  • Gain tools to use in writing a yearly vision and how to really implement them
  • How to seek and lean into career paths and opportunities
  • Explore ways to find mentors, sponsors and “personal board members"
  • Watch how to become a better “salesperson” through seeing intentions

Who is the target audience?

  • Anyone who works in a team environment
  • Business leaders seeking tools to motivate and inspire productivity and scalability
  • Anyone seeking goal searching tools to improve their business and overall wellbeing
  • Anyone who is seeking the power of vision writing
  • Women in leadership positions
  • Women looking to break into the technology field and aren't necessarily "coders"

Course curriculum

  • 1
    Chapter 1: Enlightened Leadership - A Win-Win
  • 2
    Chapter 2: Replacing Fear with Confidence
    • Lesson 1: A Lesson in Overcoming Fear
    • Lesson 2: Empowerment and Training Your Inner Voice
    • Lesson 3: Hire People Better Than You to Scale!
    • Downloadable Worksheet (PDF)
  • 3
    Chapter 3: It All Starts With Vision
    • Lesson 1: The Power of and Tips for Vision Writing
    • Lesson 2: Fast Forward Vision Exercise (Downloadable - PDF)
    • Lesson 3: Reputation Is Like a Snowball
    • Lesson 4: Introspection
    • Downloadable Worksheet (PDF)
  • 4
    Chapter 4: Career Paths and Opportunity
    • Lesson 1: Is Your Career on a Jungle Gym or a Ladder Path?
    • Lesson 2: Balancing Loyalty and Opportunity
    • Downloadable Worksheet (PDF)
  • 5
    Chapter 5: Facebook Culture: Own Your Company
    • Lesson 1: Jumping on the Facebook Rocketship
    • Lesson 2: Ownership of the Facebook Culture
    • Lesson 3: The WHY of Company Versus the WHAT
    • Lesson 4: Balancing Speed and Sensibility
    • Downloadable Worksheet (PDF)
  • 6
    Chapter 6: Lead With Transparency
    • Lesson 1: Be Open
    • Lesson 2: The FUEL Secret Sauce at Facebook - Be the Extraordinary Version of Yourself!
    • Lesson 3: Facebook’s Carolyn Everson on Connecting at Scale (Article published in strategy+business)
    • Lesson 4: Carolyn Everson is the charmer behind Facebook's ad offensive (Article published in Campaign)
    • Downloadable Worksheet (PDF)
  • 7
    Chapter 7: The Critical Value of Customer Feedback
    • Lesson 1: The Value of Customer Feedback
    • Lesson 2: The Critical Pivot to Becoming a Mobile First Company
    • Lesson 3: Visual Communications, Video & Messaging
    • Downloadable Worksheet (PDF)
  • 8
    Chapter 8: Building a Winning Team
    • Lesson 1: Ingredients of Building a Winning & Global Team
    • Lesson 2: Valuable Components of Off-Site Meetings
    • Lesson 3: The Importance of Diversity
    • Downloadable Worksheet (PDF)
  • 9
    Chapter 9: An Authentic Approach to "Sales"
    • Lesson 1: Be an Advisor, Not a Salesperson
    • Lesson 2: Essential Qualities of a Good "Trusted Advisor"
    • Lesson 3: Setting Intentions
    • Downloadable Worksheet (PDF)
  • 10
    Chapter 10: Seeking Advice, Mentorship & Sponsorship as a Woman
    • Lesson 1: Building Your Personal Board of Directors
    • Lesson 2: Finding Your Mentors, Sponsors and Personal Board
    • Lesson 3: A Great Time to Be a Woman in Tech
    • Downloadable Worksheet (PDF)
  • 11
    Chapter 11: The Roots of Enlightened Leadership
    • Lesson 1: Generosity as a Business Practice
    • Lesson 2: Our Attitude Is Gratitude
    • Downloadable Worksheet (PDF)