Your 7 Steps to Entrepreneurial and Spiritual Fulfillment
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Everyone has value. Can you articulate yours?

Course description

Dr. Stacie Grant shares the top 7 ways to build a thriving business and her secrets to success! This course provides training in the areas life skills, personal growth & development, leadership and presentation skills; with a focus on a work readiness and an entrepreneur success curriculum. You will learn how to overcome procrastination, become more disciplined, and make the most out of your spiritual, mental, physical, and financial life!

What Am I Going to Get From This Course?

  • An extensive entrepreneur success curriculum
  • Valuable techniques that will help you overcome procrastination
  • Tips for becoming more disciplined
  • Expert training in the following areas:
  • Life skills
  • Personal growth and development
  • Leadership and presentation Skills

Who Is the Target Audience?

  • Aspiring entrepreneurs
  • Individuals looking to build a thriving business
  • Those looking to improve their spiritual, mental, physical and financial lives.

Included in your purchase...

Chapter 1 Free eBook Download of ACTION ACTION: Despite the Distraction! 7 Life Lessons the Thrive & Live Your Destiny Now!!

Dr. Stacie NC Grant

Dr. Stacie NC Grant

Founder/Designer & Chief of Destiny Designers University ®

Privately, Dr. Stacie NC Grant often quotes this message from Ghandi “The best way to find yourself, is to lose yourself in the service of others.” This is how she has built a global platform of service. Dr. Grant has spent countless hours quietly volunteering her time and service in the community through her civic engagement and youth mentorship. From working closely with local elected officials to support community outreach, to volunteering her time speaking with students in her local schools, to serving on PTA Boards, Dr. Grant gets the greatest joy from serving others. Her body of work is punctuated by receiving the Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award for Volunteer Service from our President Barack Obama.

Publicly, as an Empowerment Strategist for #Faithpreneurs (Faith Based Entrepreneurs), International Speaker, Best Selling Author, Trainer, and Celebrity Guest Host, Dr. Stacie N.C. Grant is living her divine calling to LEAD, TEACH and INSPIRE! Described as “God’s Designer Original”, she ignites her audiences with her captivating smile, intoxicating humor and boundless energy.

The strategic focus of Dr. Grant’s empowerment platform is executed through her Destiny Designers University®, “A CLASSROOM WITHOUT BORDERS; WHERE WE GRADUATE TO THE NEXT BEST VERSION OF OURSELVES BY TURNING INSPIRATION INTO RESULTS!” 

Course Contents

27 Videos

12 PDFs

Course Curriculum

Chapter 5: Create Your Own Luck; Luck Doesn't Just Happen ... You Have to Create It!

Chapter 7: The True Secret to Success is to be of Service and Add Value