What is this course all about and who does it feature? 

In this course you will learn the golden nuggets of parenting, including skills and strategies, to instill valuable lessons and create healthy habits for your children. The course features a number of clips full of advice from leading people who are experts on parenting. These people include: 

  • Dr. Gail Gross - Human Behavior & Family Expert, Ph.D., Ed.D., M.Ed., and a member of the American Psychological Association (APA).

  • Jessica Lahey - Contributing writer for The Atlantic and an English teacher. She writes “The Parent-Teacher Conference” column at The New York Times. 

  • Dr. Janet Taylor - Community Psychiatrist 

  • Ellen Dolgen - Speaker, Author, Blogger, Health, Wellness and Menopause Awareness Advocate & Expert.  

  • Gail Simmons - Cookbook Author & Culinary Expert and Dynamic TV Personality.  

  • Amanda Ripley - Author of The Smartest Kids in the World—and How They Got That Way and a senior fellow at the Emerson Collective.

  • Amy Chua - Law Professor, Yale Law School, Academic and Writer.

  • Andy Herald - Blogger and Co-Founder of HowToBeADad.com

  • Dr. Logan Levkoff - Sexologist, Educator, Author, and expert on sexuality and relationships. 

  • Carolyn Everson - Vice President of Global Marketing Solutions at Facebook, where she leads Facebook's relationships with its top marketers and agencies across the globe.

  • Kelly Skoloda - Chief InfluencHer, at KS Consulting & Capital, she works on how consumer brands market to women and moms. 

What will you learn in this course? 

  • Parenting throughout different stages of a child’s life - from a newborn, in their adolescent and teenage years, and into adulthood. 

  • How to raise children with an open-minded and global perspective. 

  • Lessons on how to help children through hardships, like making mistakes and dealing with stress. 

  • How to effectively parent in the next generation - in a time of technological advancements and social media, to ensure online safety. 

  • Ways to address mature topics, such as sex education. 

Who should take this course?  

  • Existing parents seeking advice and valuable lessons. 

  • People looking to become parents and interested in preparing for success. 

  • Those who work in childcare and/or are surrounded by kids in general - Calling all aunts, god parents, and mentors! 

  • Educators, teachers, and beyond! 

Course curriculum

  • 1
    Chapter 1: Parenting Throughout the Stages of Your Child’s Life
    • Lesson 1: Compensate for Time Away from the Baby
    • Lesson 2: Quality Time with the Baby
    • Lesson 3: Understanding the Brain of a Child
    • Lesson 4: Middle School
    • Lesson 5: Summertime Parenting
    • Lesson 6: Kicking Adult Kids Out
  • 2
    Chapter 2: Creating Healthy Habits Early On
    • Lesson 1: Be Proactive About Children's Health
    • Lesson 2: Create Good Eaters
    • Lesson 3: Get Your Kids Involved
    • Lesson 4: Plan Meals Ahead of Time
    • Lesson 5: Grades Vs. Goals
  • 3
    Chapter 3: Raising Children with a Broad & Global Perspective
    • Lesson 1: How is Education Different Outside the U.S.?
    • Lesson 2: “The Smartest Kids in the World”
    • Lesson 3: Mind Up
  • 4
    Chapter 4: The Golden Nuggets of Parenting
    • Lesson 1: Tips on Parenting
    • Lesson 2: “How to be a Dad”
    • Lesson 3: Advice for Parents
  • 5
    Chapter 3: How to Address “Adult” Topics
    • Lesson 1: Conversations with Your Kids About Sex
    • Lesson 2: Sex Education at Any Age
    • Lesson 3: Talk More Openly About Sex
  • 6
    Chapter 4: Valuable Lessons to Teach and Instill in Your Children
    • Lesson 1: Helping Children Cope with Stress
    • Lesson 2: Learn to Let Go
    • Lesson 3: Let Children Make Mistakes
    • Lesson 4: Parenting with Gratitude and Generosity
  • 7
    Chapter 5: Raising the Next Generation
    • Lesson 1: Advice for Kids Using Social Media
    • Lesson 2: Kids and Social Media